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Welcome to Drozville!

On this page you will find nothing but Droz!(Well, maybe some others as well, but we'll get to that later.)  Hopefully, many of you know who Droz is.  Otherwise, why would you be here?!  Some of you may already know me.  I have 2 other webpages.  Ashlee's Page of Gorgeous Guys and Totally Test.  I'm very proud of the Test one.  =) So, go check it out when you're done looking at this one.  Even if you don't like Test (who in the world couldn't like a face like that?!), I'd like you to check it out.  The Gorgeous Guys one as well.  Give me some feedback people!  So, I'll know what y'all want!


Now, of course there is a reason for me making this webpage.  Actually a few.  One is because Darren Drozdov is a very skilled man and for some odd reason, he doesn't get the attention he deserves (in other words, he's underrated).  The second reason is because I KNOW there are other Droz fans out there who would like to find pages on him.  I've only found 4!  So, we need more!  Third reason being is because he's one of my all time favorite wrestlers!  =)  Finally, the fourth reason is because, he's GORGEOUS!  =D  Who couldn't love those tattoos, piercings, and that attitude?!  Now, on to what this page is going to have.  Of course, pictures.  Links..some other guys you should check out,'ll get bigger as time grows on.  So, sit back in your chair, relax, and enjoy your visit at Drozville!


First of all, I know there are others out there like me, that HAVE to find out about the person who made the page they're visiting. So, if you're one of those people, bring your pointer over here, and click!


September 28:  Oh my lordy, I can actually update after more than a month!  Sorry about that folks, just that they need to have him on more, a LOT more!  Anyway, onto the updates!  I added 9 more pictures!

August 14: I finally got off my butt and updated!  I added 11 more pictures to the gallery.  They're from when Droz was on MTV singing Karaoke.

Now, onto the REALLY good stuff.  Yay! =)

What would a site be without pictures?
Since WWF bookers are fools sometimes, and don't book Droz in a match, we need other guys to look at.
Believe it or not, there are other Droz pages!
Click here to view Droz's Titan-Tron video!
Wanna hear Droz sing?  Click here if you have a 26k modem and here if you have a 56k!!
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