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Picture Gallery

Ah, yes, one of my all time favorite parts of a webpage.  THE PICTURES!  Where I can just sit here in my desk and drool at the pics of hot guys.  Hehe.  Since I am one for searching for pics everyday, you can imagine that I have a big gallery, right?  Well, I do.  It grows each and every week that Droz is on tv.  So, sit back and have fun, but don't drool on your keyboard, you might short it out!

Looking up..aww.
Walking down the ramp.
Talking into the mic.
Aww, he's ready to box!
Does this thing work?
Here he comes to save the day!
I love this picture, he looks like a cute elf!
And here's your winner...Drooooooz!
Decked out in his Jester hat and looking fine.
Eek, look at that cut.
In his L.O.D phase.
Bending Scott Taylor's leg.
He looks so cute here!
Being interviewed by KK
It looks like he's running here.
Being grabbed by BBM
My nose, my nose!
He's so cute.
Don't ask me who the chick is.
Sticking his tongue out.
Posing for a picture.
Posing yet again.
In a nice big purple hat.
Staring at someone.
Looking into the camera with his tongue out.
"Whaaaatchoo talkin' bout?"
Looking like a male model here.
Standing and looking over at something.
Playing with his pet snake.
Looking over toward the direction of the ramp (I think?)
What's that funky black thing on his arm?
Looking cute again.
In his L.O.D make-up.
In his black-hooded sweater.
Looking a bit mad.
Smiling while wearing L.O.D make-up.
Talking into the mic again.
Sticking that tongue out again.
Oh yeah, he's cool.
Argh, I hate it when he's in L.O.D make-up!'s gone.
His cute smile again.
Chilling in his sunglasses while commentating.
Squeezing some guys head.
Looking really, and I mean REALLY cute.
Coming down the aisle in his big striped hat.
"Huh, what's this?"
Oohh, nice shot.
Coming down the ring WITH his tongue sticking out.
An autographed pic.
A pic from his Titan Tron Video.
Such a cutie!
Sweeping his hair back.
Looking evil.
Looking down, while walking down the ramp, while sticking his tongue out a little bit.
I loved the pink hat he wore while commentating.
Wacky hair, wacky hair!
During his interview about Owen.
Same as above.
He's wearing one WEIRD hat!
Being escorted to the ring by Prince Albert.
I bet you Michael Cole enjoyed this particular interview...
Going to fight against Al in a Hardcore match.
He looks really hot here.
In an interview after "piercing" Val's nose. (WARNING: Do not look at the left of the pic!  Hehe)
Droz's football card.
Droz's bare rear end!  =D
Eviiiil, eviiiiil.
Look at all those lovely tattoos...mmm.
This hat is *so* cute!
Explaining his Tattoos!
One of his tattoos..
After getting into a fight with Val & the Godfather.
Getting hit by the Godfather..but..that's not the reason I put the pic up..
Coming down to start something..
Promo Shot..heh, it's cute!
Decked out in
Uh...yeah...most gorgeous ho the Godfather ever had!
Droz & Prince Albert dressed in their female clothing.
Smiling in pink clothing..
Nice and shiny purple clothing...*Sigh* I love this angle!
"What?  You don't like my skirt??"
I don't know what's Prince Albert's problem of Droz in skirts..
Being interviewed about his challenge to any wrestler in an evening gown match..
Ahh..quite simply..the best match of the year..
..and off comes the dress...=)
Just about to get hit in the head with a cookie sheet..
Powder in the face!
"Oh..really now?"
Hehe..ohhh look at the picture!
Hitting a bent over Al
Wearing his fuzzy brown hat.
Droz & Prince Albert walking away from the ring looking disgusted.
Walking down to the ring to fight in a street fight.
On MTV's World Karaoke Federation.
A smiling Droz, talking about the Karaoke show.
Shake that booty!
Wearing a cute hat while pointing and smiling.
Singing and dancing.
Grabbing Dave Holmes' face. (Go DROZ!)
Singing.. er screaming out Metallica lyrics.
Nice and up close shot of his tongue being stuck out.
Another shot of him singing Metallica.
Talking to Matt Pinfield.
Wearing a really nifty outfit.
Oohh, I like the hat! *G*
A nice side shot!
Side view of him coming down the ramp.
Just about to get, um, slammed by Chaz. (I think.. I don't know what Chaz is gonna do!)
Being interviewed by that annoying announcer chick.
Commentating *G*
Another shot of him commentating (They should let him do this more often!)